Saturday, September 21, 2013

One week

One week has passed making the difference between life and death. 
A week, what is a week in someone's life, but when in this week you've seen the last breaths leave the body of a loved one, then this week turned your life upside down. 
Tamara I lost you one week today. Everyday I still think about how I need to call you to share a thought, or a thing that happened with me. Somehow things don't feel whole without sharing them with you. 
My heart aches and breaks a thousand times a day when I think of my loss, and with you gone no one can make things seem easier anymore. 
I remember our last shopping trip. When I had to buy school wear for my girls, I remembered at the end when I was exhausted and felt like I can't take anymore, you looked at me and said: "this was a tough day for you" you said it with your lovely comforting smile, and immediately all was well again. 
Now I go through my days with no one to share things with, and no one to give me a comforting smile. 
Tamara not a day have passed without me wishing you could hear me again. They say heavens must have been better for you other wise God wouldn't have taken you. And I hope and believe you are in best of hands now. But I still wish you can hear me. ...

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Imaginary blissful moments

In my children's playroom, in the soft afternoon glow, my children play together while I take a restful nap...

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Embarrassed to say

I was sitting with my girls this evening as they were doing their homework, I usually do that it helps them stay on task, and Yasmeen started joking around so I joined in. Then Laila says: you are the coolest mum I know. And despite the fact that she knows very few mums, and that mostly a few minutes later when I send them off to bed she might say the exact opposite, I was pleased with the comments and very happy with my self... How silly can a parent be...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013



أبكي سعادة حلم لا يتحقق
أبكي أملاً طال 
أبكي ضحكة طفل خنقها هم الدنيا
أبكي حياة إنسان قتلها الفقر 
أبكي غد حكم عليه اليوم بالموت 
أبكي حنان ضاع في قسوة الدنيا
أبكي رحمة ضلت طريقها عن قلوب البشر
أبكي عدالة لا ترى النور إلا بعد ظلمة القبر
أبكي بشراً جعلوا الدنيا جحيمهم
أبكي حقاً غرق في زحمة الأكاذيب
أبكي قلباً أتعبه الزيف
و عقلاً أرهقه الهم  
أبكي وأبكي وأبكي 
فهل تجف يوماً دموعي