Saturday, September 21, 2013

One week

One week has passed making the difference between life and death. 
A week, what is a week in someone's life, but when in this week you've seen the last breaths leave the body of a loved one, then this week turned your life upside down. 
Tamara I lost you one week today. Everyday I still think about how I need to call you to share a thought, or a thing that happened with me. Somehow things don't feel whole without sharing them with you. 
My heart aches and breaks a thousand times a day when I think of my loss, and with you gone no one can make things seem easier anymore. 
I remember our last shopping trip. When I had to buy school wear for my girls, I remembered at the end when I was exhausted and felt like I can't take anymore, you looked at me and said: "this was a tough day for you" you said it with your lovely comforting smile, and immediately all was well again. 
Now I go through my days with no one to share things with, and no one to give me a comforting smile. 
Tamara not a day have passed without me wishing you could hear me again. They say heavens must have been better for you other wise God wouldn't have taken you. And I hope and believe you are in best of hands now. But I still wish you can hear me. ...

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. Tamara was a beautiful person and so upbeat. It must be very difficult to have that empty spot in your life, until you meet again on the other side. Hugs to you.