Thursday, December 20, 2012

China Glaze

Finally I got my china glaze "I Herd That" . It can't get any glitzier than this

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The greatest love stories

I was scanning through TV channels and saw one channel advertising a new theme night; greatest love stories night. They then showed bits of the movies they are going to show on that night: Dr. Zhivago, Gone with the wind and Casablanca. And it got me wondering, why are all the loves stories considered great are either failed ones or immoral ones?

Dr. Zhivago, is the story of a guy cheating on his wife. Casablanca is the story of a married lady falling for another man. Gone with the wind is the story of a couple who were never able to reach to any understanding or make their relationship work.

Those are only a few but literature is filled with such stories and we all say "great love stories: Romeo and Juliette, kill themselves. Cleopatra and Mark Antony, he cheats on his wife and betrays his country, she cheats on her own country. Lancelot and Guinevere, he betrays the trust of his king and she betrays her husband. And the list goes on. Either immoral stories or failed tragic ones, or both.

Is this what makes love great. It has to be either tragic or immoral? What about the average couple who meet, fall in love, get married, build a family and survive and protect their relationship throughout time and through the difficulties of life? Is their story not great?!!

How about we start using the word Notorious instead of great. So we start calling things by their rightful names. All these love stories should be acknowledged as "The Most Notorious Love Stories" because in reality there is nothing great about them. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Perception of things

Recently I have been pondering the perception of things in relation to age. I find that same things may trigger different emotions and may be perceived differently depending on ones age.

Some of these differences are funny, some are sad.

I'll give you some examples:

If a young person decides they like their tee with lemon, or mint or sugar, or they prefer their sandwich with cucumber then we think: "they are developing their own taste". But if an old person likes their tea with mint and no other way then we think; "they are being difficult"
Off course there are appropriate to every age group that is not to another. But some things like the example above is just not fair.
Just like our lack of acceptance of a young persons opinions or views on life. An old person can say anything and we sit and listen and say: "How wise" Once a young person starts talking we think: "When are they going to grow up"

Such prejudices result in behaviors like an old person trying to overcompensate by behaving like a young person which results in silly manners. Or a young person being very aggressive about their thoughts, just because no one takes them seriously.

Now I am sitting thinking about all this and wondering do I realise all that now because I am in the middle, neither young nor old. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


If is a whole methodology of thinking. Well at least that is my opinion. 

In different occasions and incidents in life you find yourself asking, what if? or simply proposing a hypothesis by saying if so and so then it is so and so... 
I think this kind of questioning helps show a person a different perspective of things. It is like putting yourself in somebody else's shoes. 

On the other hand IF always seem to detach one from reality. And one can argue: why waste time and brain power thinking IFs when one should be busy considering the actual reality of things. Besides IF (oops) one wanted to consider all the possibilities and all the could have been(s) then one could waste a lot of time and reach no conclusion at the end. 

But then again if (oops) one can not see different aspects of things, people and events then one might and would miss a lot. Also, If help us plan ahead, when you are planning a project or even an out with your children, you have to consider the ifs to plan for them and be prepared. 

But seriously, how prepared can one be? and how many B plans and C plans can you make? Maybe it is better to have one perspective where you plan and work for one goal, I mean with determination you can get there no?... Then again uhhhh IF only I can stop thinking....

Thursday, April 5, 2012

La Source 60 Second Feet Fix Kit | Crabtree & Evelyn

La Source 60 Second Feet Fix Kit | Crabtree & Evelyn

I got this yesterday and loved it. It had a better effect on my feet than what I get from a professional pedicure. Great product.

Citron, Honey & Coriander 60 Second Hand Fix Kit | Crabtree & Evelyn

Citron, Honey & Coriander 60 Second Hand Fix Kit | Crabtree & Evelyn

I got this yesterday and tried it. It is great I love it. My hands have been suffering for long now and even if I moisturize daily if I miss on doing so one day they get dry. After using the scrub in the kit my hands were smooth and still are today, though I used the hand cream only last nigh.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Remains of a man...

We are born into this world of no will nor choice of our own. But we love life and hang on to it. So we live and grow and build lives. And go on till the end, facing and doing the good and the bad until one day things stop of no will of our own either we stop existing, we are no longer people we are just someone's fading memory. And those who we shared a life with will hopefully say: he/she was a great/good person. It is sad but true. The human life as dear as it is; is just a series of memories...

Now this is sad no denying it; but how sad is it if people said: he/ she was a great person; while you are still alive. How sad is that? How sad it must be to see the decline of a person you loved and cherished? How sad and hurtful it must be for the person him/herself to see pity in the eyes of their loved ones, who once looked up to them and admired them... Bad things happen to people, and bad old age happen almost to everyone... And the unaffected try to hold on to the memories of the good times, while the affected suffer in silence, fearing the worst and hoping to never hear the words he/she was...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The quest for a good tomato soup is over

Yes yes yes..
I have tried several times to make a decent tomato soup with no luck. Today I looked through an old cookbook my mum gave me when I got married ; and I guess I paid attention this time and found the recipe for creamy tomato soup. I tried it and it worked. Let's hope the hooligans and their father like it.
The book is ألف باء الطبخ لسيما عثمان و صدوف كمال
And the proof

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I don't know

Really this is how I feel. I don't know. Last week I had a fight with my husband which led to me feeling extremely bad and immediately my BP went up the roof (does any one use that expression any more). I continued to have a high one even after the problem is resolved. I mean I was feeling some anxiety and depression even before all that, not to mention lack of rest and relaxation. I would love to try and get it under control without melds if possible; but can I with so little control over my life....

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Regrets or...

Sometimes I wonder about the choices I made in my life. I am not talking about regrets but more like evaluation. Or maybe ...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Simple joys of life

Sitting in my hotel room balcony enjoying a beautiful scene and the gentle warmth of the early morning sun; and wondering why have life's simplest pleasures become so difficult to attain.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


It just occurred to me that I am blessed in that I can rant about children and parents all at this happy stage of life...

Excuse me but sleep deprivation affects my since of humer.