Tuesday, May 15, 2012


If is a whole methodology of thinking. Well at least that is my opinion. 

In different occasions and incidents in life you find yourself asking, what if? or simply proposing a hypothesis by saying if so and so then it is so and so... 
I think this kind of questioning helps show a person a different perspective of things. It is like putting yourself in somebody else's shoes. 

On the other hand IF always seem to detach one from reality. And one can argue: why waste time and brain power thinking IFs when one should be busy considering the actual reality of things. Besides IF (oops) one wanted to consider all the possibilities and all the could have been(s) then one could waste a lot of time and reach no conclusion at the end. 

But then again if (oops) one can not see different aspects of things, people and events then one might and would miss a lot. Also, If help us plan ahead, when you are planning a project or even an out with your children, you have to consider the ifs to plan for them and be prepared. 

But seriously, how prepared can one be? and how many B plans and C plans can you make? Maybe it is better to have one perspective where you plan and work for one goal, I mean with determination you can get there no?... Then again uhhhh IF only I can stop thinking....

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