Thursday, June 14, 2012

Perception of things

Recently I have been pondering the perception of things in relation to age. I find that same things may trigger different emotions and may be perceived differently depending on ones age.

Some of these differences are funny, some are sad.

I'll give you some examples:

If a young person decides they like their tee with lemon, or mint or sugar, or they prefer their sandwich with cucumber then we think: "they are developing their own taste". But if an old person likes their tea with mint and no other way then we think; "they are being difficult"
Off course there are appropriate to every age group that is not to another. But some things like the example above is just not fair.
Just like our lack of acceptance of a young persons opinions or views on life. An old person can say anything and we sit and listen and say: "How wise" Once a young person starts talking we think: "When are they going to grow up"

Such prejudices result in behaviors like an old person trying to overcompensate by behaving like a young person which results in silly manners. Or a young person being very aggressive about their thoughts, just because no one takes them seriously.

Now I am sitting thinking about all this and wondering do I realise all that now because I am in the middle, neither young nor old. 

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