Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Dear husband,how I perceive your perception

If I forget I am negligent 
If you forget it’s because you are a fantastical genius
If I oversleep I am careless 
If you over sleep... you had a rough night
If I use my phone a lot I am allusive 
If you use your phone a lot your on top of things
If I cook so...
If I don’t you’ve never eaten a meal prepped by me
If I ask you questions I am a nag
If I leave you alone I am indifferent 
If I ask for affection I am needy 
If you ask for attention , but it’s only natural 
If I go out while your home I just simply bailed out 
If you go out when ever it pleases you well it’s your god given right, and who am I to say anything 
My mistakes are character flows
Your mistakes are exceptions to the perfection that is you 

Dear husband I love you but it’s time you get a new perception...

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